Youth and Family Center

Our fellowship building has become a Youth and Family Center with many exciting components including an activities room for fun, discovery, excitement, and challenge; a game room for Foosball, mini-basketball shooting, air hockey and more; a hands-on room for craft and hobby learning; a shop for “Taste of Industry” projects; a Personal Prayer Chapel to encourage the youth to develop a relationship with Christ Jesus; a counseling room for families and family members needing extra support; a Bible theater for Bible exposure and character development; and a cafe for nourishment and social interaction.  As we are still developing these listed components, we hope to keep moving forward toward these development goals.  It is our goal to introduce each young person to Christ as God gives us these opportunities throughout this ministry.

Our next Youth Night is September 11, 2020, 6 to 8:30 pm.


We look forward to seeing everyone in attendance!!

Pictured programming may be changed without notice…but the fun goes on!

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